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Default Drug Store Polish?

Inspired by the makeup thread what are your favorite drug stoe polishes and why?

Me i dont have much of a collection yet and most of those are opi so that doesnt count. But i do like nyc in a minute colors the grey i think is called sidewalker and the blue pier 17 are the ones i reach for the most oh and the silver glitter. To be honest the first time i wore the grey my secret crush noticed and liked it so when i wear that one i know i will get a compliment and i'll take whatever i can get!

I like them because they dry so fast i can do my nails before bed and not smudge. I am hard on my nails and they last as well as revlon and the like for under $2.

When i was much younger i had this sinful color i loved and know that i know where to find it again i want to buy some!
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