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Default Help me!

I went through my clothing the other day, and after taking out everything faded, ill fitting, or just no, I now can fit my entire daily wardrobe into ONE drawer.
By daily wardrobe I mean pants, shirts, and sweaters.

And there is room left.

I still have a drawer of night things, and a drawer of socks and undies, and a few dresses hanging in the closet (and summer ones downstairs, but its not summer and won't be for several more months) as well as hoodies in the closet, but I don't wear those often as they are more of a layering up for cold outdoor activities thing- which I try to avoid as much as possible. I like it occasionally, but spending all day out at -forty? Nah thanks.

So I need help. My Southern Ma advised me to purchase more belts and to wear my scarves to jazz up the outifts I have- she is also sending me some pants, and has advised me to buy a stylish vest. (I am thinking about a faux sheepskin one, which can be worn belted or unbelted).

What should I focus on, where should buy it? Online required I am afraid, and must ship to Canada. I do not want a large wardrobe, nor do I want to be wearing the same things everyday.
Style wise, I like different fabrics, but am not one for extravagant prints or froufy bits. I like to look classy, well put together, and timeless. I don't really have a style icon, but Audrey Hepburn crossed with Brigette Bardot might be close.
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