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Originally Posted by Kaydana
Oh no! I hate breaking nails. :/ I've learned to keep them at a certain length or I just break them.

Definitely addicts, but at least it's not a destructive addiction! So far it's actually working out quite well for me, because under normal circumstances I only allow myself to spend what I would otherwise spend on chocolate, and as I will always choose nail polish over chocolate I've lost a fair bit of weight thanks to this addiction!

Want to see a pretty picture? This is how my collection currently looks. (The side of the draw has cut off two more rows of polish, but you get the idea)

Me too i just let them be because of the holidays and i wasnt the one having to do all the work. Thankfully it didnt break too low so im back to just a tad sorter than my normal length. And very true its a pretty decent addiction to have as long as i keep it in check and my bank account doesnt complain. Lol who knew nail polish was good for weight loss . Great picture! I think another sign of addiction is that i can recognize sever colors from that pic without seeing the label lol.
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