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I hate going to sleep, too, but it's mostly because you can't get stuff done while you're sleeping. I do feel physically worse in the morning than when I go to sleep, though, no matter how much I sleep. I can be either a morning person or a night person as long as I don't switch up my schedule, because then I get migraines. Right now (and for the past few years) I'm a morning person because my boyfriend gets up early, and I prefer it. :P For maaany years I was completely nocturnal (or as close as I could be on school nights) thanks to excessive video gaming.

I like waking up early because ... you can get more stuff done during the day (go figure, hahaha, apparently this is what my life revolves around). I used to only be able to be productive from 1am to 5am but I've adapted and the morning is my best time now.
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