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My list (will add more when I get time) - UK only. I don't mind if the polishes go as a set or not! Up to whoever wants them.


Barry M polishes (all used maximum of twice):

272 Shocking pink
292 Navy
264 Pink iridescent
319 Foil effects (silver)
320 Foil effects (gold)
66 Matt white
296 Coral
310 Mushroom
273 Raspberry
304 Mint green

GOSH nail paint in 101 (gold with shimmer)


Acqua di Parma Iris Nobile Sublime EDP 1.5ml (80% full)
Jean Paul Gaultier Classique 1ml (full)
Benefit - It's potent! Eye cream xela pack (not sure on the ml)
Benefit - Triple performing facial emulsion (not sure on ml)


Superdrug dry shampoo 150ml 'Away with the fairies' (unused)
Superdrug dry shampoo 150ml 'Head in the clouds' (unused)
Blissful Blends non-colouring natural hair conditioner powder - lawsonie inermis 100g (unused)


Ann Summers 'Ravising Noir' EDP 100ml (a couple of squirts gone, no lid)
Body Shop 'Japanese Cherry Blossom' EDT 50ml (80% left)
John Galliano 'Parlez-moi d'Amour' EDT 30ml, boxed (98% left)
Lolita Lempicka 'Fleur Défendue' Forbidden flower EDP 30ml, boxed (100% full) - Swapped

Things I'm after - perfume mainly or nice hair accessories!
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