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Euphony February 14th, 2008 05:13 PM

Yep, I know you hate Crocs - but have you seen their site lately?? They have oodles of new styles. Don't mind me I have some super ugly ones, and some cuter ones I just don't care - they are too comfy!

I second Medieval Moccasins - I bought a pair for my wedding and I adore them! I wear predominantly skirts and dresses though so they go with nearly my entire wardrobe (either that or I'm seriously dillusional - the jury's still out).

kimberlily February 14th, 2008 06:33 PM

Shell, I do have custom orthotics. They're sport orthotics though, since I'm a runner and need serious support or my knee blows out.

Do you have custom ones, or are yours off the rack?

Flying Betty February 14th, 2008 10:41 PM

I have wide feet and finally gave in to the reality that I just cannot wear regular width shoes and have to fork over the money for decent quality shoes. That said, are there any outlet malls in your area? I got several pairs of nicely fitting Easy Spirits at one this fall when I started working and needed a more professional wardrobe. Ecco is another brand that fits me nicely (but $$) along with Born. In general, European brands or brands that are European style run wider than American shoes.

kimberlily February 14th, 2008 10:57 PM

Thanks for the feedback, Flying Betty. There's an outlet mall not far from my house, but it doesn't have much in the way of shoes. I am hoping to make a trip to DSW soon though.

For the record, here are my poor feet. I've been wearing bunion splints at night, and they help, but I wake up in the wee hours and take them off because they start bothering me.

The bunion on the right foot hurts a lot. I am sure that surgery is in my future, but with two kids under 6 and nobody to help me with them while DH is at work, my feet will have to wait.

Anje February 14th, 2008 11:10 PM

Just writing in to comiserate. I have flat feet and tailor's bunions (courtesy of a podiatrist who should be sued), long toes and big hard plastic orthotics. (The othotics are a pain to fit into shoes, but for me they are THE only option, and when I got them at age 17, I discovered that it was possible to walk without constant pain.) My main problem with shoe shopping, though, is that at 5'7" I wear a size 11, men's. At this point I'm contemplating checking the drag queen stores in Chicago for shoes.

Veronica February 15th, 2008 06:36 PM


Originally Posted by kimberlily

I haven't seen manty styles of Clark's that I like. I'll have to check out Keen, Merrell and Born. I tried some Born shoes a while back but they were too narrow and made my bunion hurt immediately. Veronica, do you know if they come in wider widths?

We didn't carry much wide widths when I worked in the shoe store- Naturalizer was one of the few that we routinely had wides in.

If you need wide, def. avoid Cole Haan. I remember that was one that ran particularly narrow.

Oh, have you tried Yoga Toes? They actually seem to help. My massage therapist has also been working on getting the muscles to release around the bunion- it seems to help as well (my other foot I had surgery on.) The podiatrist also told me to wear toe separators in my shoes. I find it especially helps with my running shoes.

kimberlily February 15th, 2008 07:06 PM

Veronica, I've heard of Yoga Toes before, but never bothered to look them up until today. I'm borderline between the Small and Medium, so I sent them an email to get their advice on size.

Caldonia Sun February 15th, 2008 08:13 PM

I have very achy feet and have to buy good shoes. Fortunately, I'm not a shoe hound, so having just a few pairs is find by me. But unfortunately, they are expensive. Naot and Merrill make some comfy shoes. New Balance came out with a line of casual shoes called Aravon. I have a pair of Mary Jane's that are extremely comfortable. If you can find good shoes on sale, but may be able to afford them. Our local shoes store have a few sales on the better ones each year and I try to catch it.

Good Luck! Sore feet ruin your day, don't they?

Veronica February 15th, 2008 09:21 PM

Finally had time to find the link- the Nike Air Rift is pricey, but I got a pair for cheap at the end of the season, and they are very comfy (limited on socks, though, because of the split toe!)

Tigerdawn February 15th, 2008 09:41 PM

I feel some of your pain, Kimberlily. I have extremely high arches and narrow feet with even more narrow heels. My second toe is also longer but I don't have any problems with bunions, thank goodness. My job requires me to stand on concrete all day. I finally caved and went to my local New Balance store and got the most expensive pair of shoes they carry. I think I paid $145. They are hideous. But, with 2 pairs of arch supports, I can wear them with only mild heel pain.

I have taken to wearing some awesome arch supports I found at Walmart in pretty much every pair of shoes I own (even my crocs). They're made by ProFoot (called Sport-something?) and they're light purple. They are guaranteed for a whole year and only cost like $4. Other people seem to like them too because they're almost always sold out when I go to get more.

I do have a problem with my second toe poking through the front of my crocs though. I just put the heel strap up when I'm going into public.

If your feet are wide and you need a lot of toe and ball room, I'd suggest Birkenstocks. They have great arches too. I got mine in Germany for a fraction of the cost. I bet one of our German LHC friends would be willing to ship some to you directly. :)

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