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darkwaves July 27th, 2013 03:55 PM

Little Seven Spirals - Five Pairs for Sale

Only Large Shakti Spirals and Swans left... If interested, make an offer!

I am moving to a more discreet jewellery phase, and these particular Little Seven earrings feel a little too big for me. (I also have a somewhat short neck...)

These lovely 12 g 316LVM Stainless Steel Shakti Spirals Clhuthus, Nadas and Swans are now for sale. (Note that I'm not sure of two of the sizes; by my tape measure, the Swans and one pair of Shaktis measure as large, but I suspect they may be medium, instead, as Little Sevens' measurements never match mine!)


Nadas: $35 per pair
Swans: $40 per pair
Clhuthus: $40 per pair
Shaktis Large: $45 per pair
Shaktis Small: $45 per pair

Costs include insured shipping to the US and Canada. I will ship elsewhere, but costs may be a little bit higher...

And! If you buy more than one pair, I'll discount each additional pair by $10...

All in excellent condition.

PayPal only, please.

Please message me here (or through LHC) if you are interested.

Thanks for looking!

darkwaves August 12th, 2013 11:20 AM

Or, if interested, make an offer! (You can also reach me on LHC, as darkwaves).

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