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justgreen October 15th, 2011 09:50 AM

New Winter time trends
Are scarves and fingerless mittens/gloves still in fashion? I hope so!

Carolyn October 15th, 2011 01:22 PM

They still seem to be. I'm thinking of making a pair of the fingerless gloves. My hands are usually too hot to wear gloves so maybe I wouldn't wear them much. I don't wear gloves all that often. I just put my hands in my pockets when I am dashing from the car to a store. I have a hard time driving with gloves on so I don't know that I could drive with even the fingerless ones on my hands.

krissykins October 19th, 2011 11:39 AM

Scarves better be in fashion! I bought a ton of them at the end of last winter, so I finally get to wear them now! :)

Dovetail October 4th, 2012 08:12 PM

Scarves are always in fashion I think *-* I love scarfs! I do have a pair of lace knit fingerless gloves and a beanie I bought last year so I'm excited to wear them, but not too soon. The weather is still pretty nice here.

mrs_coffee October 5th, 2012 06:59 AM


Originally Posted by Dovetail
Scarves are always in fashion I think *-*

I agree. :)

Ocelan October 5th, 2012 11:39 AM

Yep, scarves are always in fashion. I have tons and keep knitting more! :)

And the same thing with fingerless gloves I think. But then again I don't follow fashion so much, but when the gloves are cute, they're always fitting!

JamieLeigh October 7th, 2012 06:46 PM

I have quite a few differently coloured pairs of fingerless gloves, and I LOVE them, so I'll be wearing them, "in" or not. :D

strawberrygilliebean October 7th, 2012 07:20 PM

I've seen lots of mittens that are actually fingerless gloves with a little hood that folds back toward the wrist. They're cute, but, fashionable or no, my fingers turn blue, so fingerless is not an option for me!

I agree about scarves - even if they're not fashionable, I'm still wearing them. Warmth is important to me! :)

I just bought a really cute hat, too, that will fit my updos nicely. :D

spookyghost October 7th, 2012 08:20 PM

I have Raynauds so my hands and feet get soooo cold I cant stand it. Actually my whole body does. Because I can get so cold I never thought I would ever even think about wearing fingerless gloves but I actually think Im going to buy some. My hands get so cold at work sometimes and wearing the fingerless gloves would at least help a little and let me write and type all day long.

Truepenny October 8th, 2012 05:00 AM

EAR MUFFS :whoohoo: Who's with me?? I get really cold ears/ ear ache/ head ache if I don't cover my tabs up in the cold.

Also: those knitted headbands are great. I've a couple from last winter my mother dearest cable knitted for me with matching jumpers (and wrist warmers) which I loved.

I'm wearing one now as a matter of fact (cold victorian house, brrrr)!

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