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LadyHeather November 13th, 2012 02:39 PM

Bobeam shampoo bars, henna, indigo FSOT
Bobeam shampoo bars for sale or swap!Chagrin Valley works better for me. I have:

Honey Oats
Rootz Hair Growth (peppermint, clary sage, cedarwood, hemp)
Honey Hemp and Green Tea
Vashti Ayurvedic
Honey Goats' Milk.

I have tried the Rootz once, Ayurvedic once, and the Honey Goat Milk twice - I rub my bars in my hands rather than directly onto my head. They all smell amazing.

Will trade for:other bars, Chagrin, Apple Valley or Sweet Creek preferable, or hairtoys, or BPAL/perfumes... or just something interesting, make me an offer ;) they are cluttering up my room.

For sale: $5 each plus $2 shipping or $25 with $5 shipping as a lot.

I also have:

2 100g packets of indigo (Mehandi) for $5 each with $3 shipping - again happy to swap

9 100g boxes of Jamila 2011 henna, kept in the freezer, $5 each with $2 shipping per box or $40 the lot and I'll ship for freebs for taking it all off my hands!

1.5 packets of Yemeni 2011 henna, kept in the freezer
, $6.50 for both (the 0.5 packet is taped)

Thanks for looking.

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