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Natalia October 19th, 2012 08:35 PM

More than "not a morning person"?
Feeling currious today about something. I know im wired to be nocturnal so mornings are unlikley to ever be my high point but i feel like im the odd one out in that i genuinely feel worse when i get up than when i went to bed. Does anyone else feel like that? I dont mean low motivation i mean feeling physicaly worse.

I know some parts of it are universal, prolonged stillness doesnt do bad joints any favors and meds wear off in that time and take a while to kick in but it feels like more than that. If rest is so darn important why does it make me feel so aweful?!?!

Its very annoying to try to keep any kind of "normal" schedual when i dread going to bed knowing how i feel in the morning especially when i get so much more done at night.

justgreen October 20th, 2012 10:00 PM

It sounds to me like you are not getting enough stage 4 'deep' sleep. The kind where you 'black' out, don't dream, just go to sleep, then wake up about six hours later thinking you just went to sleep. Sleep deprivation is more than just insomnia.

I am a slow starter in the mornings, but mine is mostly due to health issues. I set my phone alarm to wake me at 5am so that I can sit up and take the first dose of pain medication. Then I lie back down for a couple of hours and then I can get up and about much easier.

AND I don't like to have someone talking to me when I first get up. Even 'hello' grates on me. Cyk always says 'Good morning', and i'll say 'morning', but what I really mean is 'shut the h*ll up and don't talk to me yet, you cock-eyed skin bag!' LOL! EVen my kids knew better than to talk to me in the mornings. I'd always get up an hour ahead of them so that I could have some 'alone' time.

Katze October 21st, 2012 02:56 AM

My mom has always claimed she is nocturnal by nature; because I am a light sleeper and have trouble falling asleep, she always said I was, too. I am not sure how much I believe this theory, but in her case, she truly believes she is 'wired to be nocturnal.'

She doesn't go to bed until late, wakes often, and gets up late and slowly, often hanging around the house in her bathrobe until noon. She has depression and fibromyalgia, and I know that these conditions are not made better by not getting enough sleep - immune system can become compromised long term if you don't get enough deep sleep.

When I was last visiting I was trying to get her up and out of the house before lunchtime - my favorite schedule is to go to bed at ten and wake at seven, and I spent a LOT of time waiting for her - she rarely made it. :(

Natalia, it does sound like you are not rested. What do you eat for dinner? Are you getting enough exercise? These things can help your body and mind be tired, so that you sleep well. Conversely, if it is available where you live, I'd try melatonin - it has helped me when my mind 'just won't shut down'...

MasCat October 21st, 2012 03:20 AM

I started practising yoga in the mornings. While it's not perfect - because I still have to drag myself ut of the bed to practise, I find slow asanas and breathing make the start of my day a lot better, and make me feel overall better :)

spookyghost October 21st, 2012 04:35 AM

I sure hope you find something that helps you in the morning because I would hate to dread going to sleep. If you do take some type of pain meds or meds for other physical reasons Justy had a great idea by setting her alarm early to get her meds in her and then going back to sleep for a little bit. Thats a fantastic idea actually. Then maybe you will feel a little better when you actually get up for the day. Good luck.

AineMuirne October 21st, 2012 07:40 PM

I hate going to sleep, too, but it's mostly because you can't get stuff done while you're sleeping. I do feel physically worse in the morning than when I go to sleep, though, no matter how much I sleep. I can be either a morning person or a night person as long as I don't switch up my schedule, because then I get migraines. Right now (and for the past few years) I'm a morning person because my boyfriend gets up early, and I prefer it. :P For maaany years I was completely nocturnal (or as close as I could be on school nights) thanks to excessive video gaming.

I like waking up early because ... you can get more stuff done during the day (go figure, hahaha, apparently this is what my life revolves around). I used to only be able to be productive from 1am to 5am but I've adapted and the morning is my best time now.

FrozenBritannia October 21st, 2012 08:03 PM

I love going to sleep. I always have. I just love going to bed, and snuggling in, and closing my eyes. Bliss.
I am still not a morning person though. I wake up half an hour to forty five minutes early on school days so that I can have a coffee and a quiet time before waking up the kids. When I was in school myself, I slept until the last possible moment, and then walked to school so that I would be mostly alert and uncranky by the time I got there. Lol.

Diamond Eyes October 22nd, 2012 03:41 AM

When I try and force myself to sleep at night I usually sleep horribly. I wake up every couple of hours, then I end up sleeping about 5 hrs and giving up. If I sleep during the day I sleep very very well. I could probably sleep 10+ hours during the day without waking up once (if I am alone). I get pretty bad headaches if I don't get enough sleep (or don't drink water, don't eat, everything triggers a damn head ache) but I don't really feel physically ill. Growing up when I had to get up for school in the morning I was the grumpiest person ever. If you talked to me I snapped at you lol, I was not into a conversation. I have gotten better though as I have grown up.

I wish I could sleep normally. It would be awesome to wake up at 8am everyday and have gotten enough sleep. It's much easier to do things during the day when everyone is awake and stores are actually open.

JamieLeigh October 25th, 2012 09:05 AM


Originally Posted by justgreen
AND I don't like to have someone talking to me when I first get up. Even 'hello' grates on me. Cyk always says 'Good morning', and i'll say 'morning', but what I really mean is 'shut the h*ll up and don't talk to me yet, you cock-eyed skin bag!' LOL! EVen my kids knew better than to talk to me in the mornings. I'd always get up an hour ahead of them so that I could have some 'alone' time.

:lafhard: :lafhard: :lafhard: That has me ROFL!! I am the same way, Justy. I stay up way too late and then I'm a grouch in the mornings. I do so much better at mind is clearer, I'm more alert, I'm more creative, I have more energy. I'm just wired that way. It doesn't seem to matter whether I get 3 hours of sleep or 12 hours of sleep, though, I'm just as lucid one way as the other. I do BETTER, though, when I stay up really late, sleep a little while in the morning, and then get up and moving later in the day. When I still had my kids home with me during the day (my youngest is in Kindergarten, so this year is the first year they have ALL been in school in 11 years!), I would try to adjust their sleeping hours so that they were up later at night and slept later during the day. I got a lot of crap for that, but you know what? It didn't affect anyone else but me, so I don't see the problem. As long as I'm allowing my children to get enough sleep, does the time of day really even matter? :p

JamieLeigh October 25th, 2012 09:07 AM

I have also heard that it's better not to eat a full meal before eat dinner hours before you plan to lay down. Ostensibly, your body is trying to process the food you ate and cannot allow you to rest well. I don't know how much truth there is in that, but diet-wise, it's probably better to eat dinner at an earlier hour anyway.

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