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  1. Products! What are you favorites right now?
  2. Gel Usage
  3. Aveda Sap Moss Shampoo
  4. lanolin for hair?
  5. LHC down?
  6. Summer hair issue
  7. Dabur Hair Oil
  8. What's your current conditioner of choice?
  9. CO-ing tips?
  10. Lost a bet with my girlfriend, what did I get myself in to?
  11. Serums vs. Creams
  12. does alma hair oil really darken your hair?
  13. Non Cruelty Free Product Ingredients?
  14. Loss... and lice
  15. Home made conditioner?
  16. LHC question
  17. Wilting curls!
  18. Boar Bristle brush
  19. Wood hair toys and wet hair.
  20. growing out henna
  21. ? for those who grew out gray hair
  22. Ack! I NEED my henna thread!
  23. LHC Chat?
  24. Shea Butter
  25. Can CO remove cones
  26. my build up problem (continuation of a previous post on LHC)
  27. Beaches and COing
  28. Hairspray? I don't need no stinking hairspray!
  29. Change in jojoba oil color?
  30. Alternatives to Henna?
  31. Clear Henna
  32. Wearing Hair Up All The Time
  33. Hair vitamin for beginner
  34. static = dryness???
  35. SMT disaster
  36. My Hair Book Came! (Mwahahahaha!)
  37. Cones and the "bad" things in shampoo
  38. Herbal washing recipes
  39. How annoying is this?
  40. Deep Treatments?
  41. Ficcare border coloring
  42. How to do a proper Cassia treatment?
  43. dear cat lovers....
  44. Tell me what to do!!
  45. HeadGames now on ebay ?
  46. Coconut Oil
  47. Anyone get their Ficcares???
  48. Coconut milk soak help needed NOW!
  49. where to find quality turbie?
  50. Grey hair want to use non-permanent color for a change
  51. Avatars: Back of head shots
  52. I finally succumbed to greydog
  53. lake water questions
  54. Henna for blondes?
  55. Girl has eaten all her hair.....
  56. Spoodles anyone?
  57. Do you feel more like "you" in certain "dos"?
  58. Study: Mineral, Sunflower & Coconut Oils on Hair Damage
  59. Money Can't Buy Healthy Hair
  60. What do you call the basic bun?
  61. AVC *right* after baking soda wash
  62. Want a laugh?
  63. knots....
  64. Thinking about giving up on long hair because ....
  65. colour stripping.
  66. Ebay question re:second chance offers
  67. Scritching with wooden comb?
  68. Beach hair
  69. CO scalp itches
  70. Is Going Back to Grey Possible?
  71. Hair foods
  72. How to Achieve this Style?
  73. Split Ends and Cones
  74. Nice and Easy Gray Solutions
  75. Kerastase
  76. Damp bunning question
  77. Mane and Tail Conditioner
  78. Literary Reference. Well, Jilly Cooper :lafhard:
  79. Good hair day
  80. All the Plastic hairstuff bottles.....awww
  81. Can I take Henna with me overseas?
  82. My new Aquis Diva Towel
  83. Upping My Red Factor Between Hennas (Without Henna!)
  84. Seamless combs
  85. SMT help
  86. all natural or gentle hairspray
  87. I got a trim!
  88. George Michael salon - Ohio
  89. Brown Sugar Scalp Scrub
  90. Getting used to no bangs
  91. Self made hairtoys
  92. Is it ok to CO before henna?
  93. Bunjii on Ebay
  94. does anyone have a copy of the cone-free-conditioners-list?
  95. Hi evey one
  96. Anyone Follow the GM method of Haircare?
  97. Bug in my hair!
  98. WO Results
  99. Happy Fathers Day !
  100. Neat aloe gel on scalp!
  101. Inside-out bun?
  102. Graydog BIN
  103. Deep Conditioning Treatment?
  104. Organic shampoo (help me!)
  105. Head & Shoulders Shampoo
  106. LOTR hair: Any pictures of....
  107. The Best Hair Volumizer Around
  108. Help a guy pick out a hairstyle
  109. Rhassoul!
  110. Clear Henna?
  111. Any body can help me?
  112. hairforks
  113. Dandruff!
  114. Advice for New Haircut?
  115. How are you wearing your hair, today?
  116. Anyone have the Caramel Treatment written down?
  117. Looking for a few hair care products...
  118. Advice on a new hair style?
  119. shampoo bar question
  120. SMT's
  121. Whats your worst hair habit??
  122. Goth Rosary Products?
  123. February 2008 Measure In
  124. What is the best change you made for your hair?
  125. Natural Lice Remedies?
  126. LHC update?
  127. velcro straighteners...where to find
  128. Seeking Opinions
  129. Discouraged! (Miconazole application)
  130. Olive Oil & Saran Wrap
  131. Basin
  132. Cone filled conditioner/greatest slip.
  133. New longhair
  134. Ficcare size for i/ii hair?
  135. Braids are in this year
  136. How to add in synthetic hair to a braid
  137. Lavender EO
  138. Hairy Good
  139. Ficcare Maxima length, measurements?
  140. SMT with molasses
  141. LHC is down but but but...
  142. Baking soda
  143. I am so happy with a new toy on the way
  144. henna questions...
  145. XanderGrammy...a bit of a review.
  146. I'm sitting here, impatient and waiting for my new ficcare!
  147. Does anyone have the WO washing article from LHC?! Or anywhere else...
  148. More uses for hair clips!
  149. Giving up on Cone free
  150. Question about Mister Bottles
  151. good websites
  152. Shea Butter for Hair?
  153. Do Jojoba and Coconut oil spoil?
  154. 'Cone Use Advice?
  155. I gave in
  156. Wet set FAQ
  157. Nioxin tablets
  158. My hair needs LHC!
  159. Itchy and Scratchy
  160. cinnamon scalp treatment for growth!?!?!?
  161. Anyone in FL?
  162. SMT or Something Else?
  163. when did you join LHC? starting length? now? goals?
  164. hair suppliments and vitamins thread
  165. Remember the custom stick I ordered? It's here!
  166. Long Hair salon
  167. Question on Vinegar Rinses
  168. I have henna on my head
  169. What's your best hair compliment ever?
  170. Help! How to do a celtic knot???
  171. Who has one of these? "Guizhou" or "Miao Hmong" tribal hairsticks?
  172. the straight iron debate
  173. How to calculate hair growth
  174. Shen Min?
  175. Please help me find this link... (silk pillowcases)
  176. FOUND THEM!!! (velcro straighteners!)
  177. I'm here too (at last!)
  178. Has anyone used Cassia for conditioning?
  179. Length update. With pictures!
  180. Free Haircare Sample!
  181. My first fork updo-in picts
  182. question on hair and diet
  183. I need a new comb! :(
  184. Lots of Questions
  185. so excited! new comb and something ive been coveting for months
  186. Found you, Thanks TB :)
  187. I will not buy any more sticks, I will not buy anymore sticks, I will not.. oh blast!
  188. decisions, decisions..... silk or satin?
  189. Question about curl separation/ringlets
  190. maybe a stupid question but how do you use a beak clip?
  191. Tell me about combs/combing please
  192. Anyone tried an electric detangling comb?
  193. Shedding - how long?
  194. A nice, pro-silver article
  195. Amazing what a little trim will do!
  196. Ficcare size question
  197. A couple of updates on my hair
  198. New Hair Toy - Happy Dance!
  199. Pantene shine has nothing on us
  200. Nelly furtados mop
  201. nori = less shedding??
  202. Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose vs. GPB??
  203. Frustrated: Winter Growth Doldrums
  204. got my hair cut
  205. Manic Panic
  206. Hairstyle for skipping?
  207. darn ebay
  208. The Where In Australia Did You Get That Thread TBB Version
  209. Cassia powder or oil?
  210. Article "How to enjoy a shampoo bar"?
  211. Closer to APL?
  212. Trouble with new comb
  213. Inspiration/ Encouragement for my thin haired friend with a big goal
  214. How are the henna removal people doing?
  215. Brushing vs spreading sebum
  216. There you are!!!!!!!!!!!!
  217. Jojoba Oil - smelly hair
  218. random observation (cones vs. no cones)
  219. I'm finally a member!
  220. Hairstyles and clothing from days gone by....
  221. Hi Everyone! I finally made it over!
  222. New 4-prong fork from Oregon Jewelers
  223. The TBB miconazole thread
  224. Valentine's Day hairstyles?
  225. The honey Article basics for those who want it
  226. Help with dry protein disaster!
  227. Mary J. Blige on tyra
  228. I miss LHC!!
  229. "One of those hair people"
  230. Hi all!
  231. Swim caps - what should I look for?
  232. Henna Help - No LHC Thread!
  233. Hit my head- will my hair fall out?
  234. Were you a "hair person" before joining up with this crowd?
  235. Biggest hair myths
  236. Yummy Spritzer/Mister Recipe!!!
  237. Thoughts on those excercise hair ties?
  238. Side thin-ness?
  239. yay local supplyer of henna!!!!
  240. Found You!!!
  241. Hair excitements since LHC has been down!!
  242. Hairsticks...
  243. Jealous Of Checkout Guy's Hair
  244. The Pantene Poll
  245. I got my first ficcare!
  246. Pretzel bun instructions?
  247. Hair Misters?
  248. Just for biggeorge aka KingKong
  249. HALO recipe
  250. o-o You want healthier hair mom? Well...